What to do when mini pig grows to 670 pounds?

What to do when mini pig grows to 670 pounds? March 20, 2017

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This is Esther and she was supposed to be a mini pig, but she very quickly grew past mini pig size. When her owners Derek and Steve bought her, she was a mere 3 pounds and the sellers said she would be about 70 pounds at full growth. This was not true! By the time Esther was 2, she weighed 500 pounds and she now stands at a whopping 670 pounds. Esther the Wonder Pig has been well-loved at every size and even has her own website and Facebook page. Her life has changed the lives of her Canadian owners and they have incorporated her into their home alongside all their other pets. She is the cutest 670 house pet you’ll ever see, and Steve and Derek have certainly made the absolute best out of a situation which could have left Esther without a home. The micro pig business has some flaws with many buyers expecting a house pet sized animal…and ending up with one they can no longer take care of! Clippity Clip certainly loves what Steve and Derek have done to give Esther an amazing life along with some pig fame as well. Watch this sweet video!

Click “CONTINUE” to see Esther eating a mint. It’s just the cutest thing!

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