5 Fun Ways to Encourage an Active Lifestyle Among Your Congregation

5 Fun Ways to Encourage an Active Lifestyle Among Your Congregation February 8, 2023

Your congregation needs your mental and spiritual care, but you can also contribute to their physical health. When congregation members are active, they will likely feel better, make social connections and improve their well-being. 

As a pastor or church member, there are many things you can do to embrace physical wellness and create opportunities for everyone to get moving.

1. Bowling Trips

Bowling is an excellent activity for the whole family. Inviting a small group or children’s church to come bowling is a great way to get the congregation moving while having fun.

Meet at your local alley after church one Sunday or any evening during the week. If you plan to do one during the school year, you’ll likely want to avoid Friday or Saturday, as most extracurricular sports occur then.

If your local bowling alley gets crowded and you have a large group, consider renting it out for an afternoon or evening of enjoyment. Ensure some bumper lanes are available for the smallest kiddos while you let older kids and adults have a challenge with exposed gutters.

2. Prayer Walks

A prayer walk is a wonderful way to show care for your community and world while getting the participants active. Walking is an excellent form of exercise almost anyone can do. Regular walking can help ward off a sedentary lifestyle while enjoying time outside, benefiting everyone’s mood and health.

When you go on a prayer walk, you visit locations you can pray for, spreading hope and love to places that might need it. It’s a great way to connect with God and the people around you while exercising.

3. Sports Court

Adding a sports court to your church is a great way to provide free and easy access for everyone to get active and have fun. There are many options out there, but one of the most popular emerging games is pickleball. If you have an outdoor 34-by-64-foot space, you can build a standard court for a game that’s easy to learn and a great time to play.

Kids and adults can play this game by learning a few basic rules, such as how to serve and to stay out of the “kitchen” portion of the court. You could use the court for church functions, donate or rent it out for community events. It can draw attention to your congregation and provide an excellent new way to exercise.

4. Volunteering

Exercise isn’t the only way to get active — just moving around does a lot of good. A great method to get your congregation moving is by helping others.

Whether hosting meals or food drives for individuals living with food insecurity, doing yard work for those unable to do it or holding fundraisers to fund research or provide opportunities for students who need them, there are many ways to get involved. By having various events, you can encourage each congregation member to stay active for a cause they’re passionate about.

Form a committee to help plan volunteer opportunities or encourage members to bring attention to the causes your congregation can support. Volunteering improves physical health and the satisfaction of helping others can also benefit mental health. This makes volunteering an excellent option for everyone.

5. Dance Parties

It might sound silly initially, but church dance parties can be great! With colorful lights, snacks and fun, church members can meet in fellowship and dance. Consider having different rooms for kids to jam out, teens to sing to the latest hits and adults to dance the night away.

Just as vacation bible schools focus on music and dance, the church congregation can do so anytime. Theme them around special events, like Mardi Gras, Labor Day and Christmas. You can collect donations for worthy causes at each event, encouraging people to come out and have a fantastic time.

Only some congregations are into dancing. Ensure you gauge interest before planning a dance party so your efforts aren’t in vain. 

Getting Your Congregation Active

An active lifestyle is essential for everyone’s mental and physical well-being. By arranging these events, you can encourage your churchgoers to stay active and bond. With an active congregation, your church will be better able to inspire others and thrive.

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