Revitalize Your Community Room With These 6 High-Impact Renovations

Revitalize Your Community Room With These 6 High-Impact Renovations October 10, 2023

1 Corinthians 12:27 says the church is the body of Christ and each member is a part of it. Your community room is a special place for worship because it’s where people gather to worship the Lord. After a few decades, it may be time to brighten the room with renovations. Where can you start? 

Renovation may be intimidating, but it’s worth the time and effort for your congregation. Here are six high-impact renovations to revitalize your community room.  

1. Deep Clean the Room

The first order of business should be to deep clean the room. While thoughtful church members tidy up every week, deep cleaning refreshes the room to make it more inviting for the congregation and newcomers. 

Organize a cleanup day during the week or after Sunday services to clean the bathroom, kitchen, floors, windows and other surfaces. If you have carpet, now would be an excellent time for steam cleaning.  

Additionally, now is an opportune time to remove unused or broken equipment. These devices may create clutter in your community room and make it unseemly. Consider recycling your outdated electronics because it helps the community and the planet. 

2. Add New Lighting

Adding new lighting is an excellent way to revitalize and brighten the room. Older lightbulbs and fixtures may have fewer lumens than newer options on today’s shelves. Bright lights are a terrific pick for smaller rooms because they make the space look larger than its actual size. 

For bright lighting, LED fixtures are the most efficient pick. These lights last about 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and emit less heat, making your community room more comfortable in the summer. Consider choosing colors like red or blue to give the space more personality. 

3. Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

After a few years, even the nicest paint jobs will begin to fade and become stale. Your community room may need a fresh coat of paint for revitalization. Consider changing the color and picking aesthetically pleasing shades. Research shows people associate colors with specific emotions. For example, people see relief with white and blue and joy with orange and yellow. 

When painting, you want to ensure the coat lasts as long as advertised. Instruct the painters to use primer before painting because it lays a solid foundation for the paint to rest. Primer compensates for paint because it has a higher resin content. 

Young woman painting the walls

4. Install Durable Flooring

While worship services may be the primary use, your community room may host other fun events throughout the year. For instance, your members may use it for receptions, potluck dinners, movie nights and more. The floors see heavy foot traffic weekly, so renovating your flooring is another high-impact choice for your community room. 

Consider durability and slip resistance for your new flooring, especially if your congregation comprises older adults. Bamboo, vinyl, ceramic, laminate and hardwood are some of your best durable and resilient flooring options. Bamboo is worth considering because it’s environmentally friendly, strong and typically the same price as most hardwood flooring. 

5. Introduce a Kitchenette

While building a full kitchen is a wonderful idea, your community room might need more space for all the appliances. Instead, introduce a kitchenette because it’s simpler and easier to implement in the facility. Your typical kitchenette has a refrigerator, stovetop, microwave and sink. These essentials make serving meals easier for your church. 

A kitchenette helps in times of need, whether one member or the whole community needs help. Proverbs 19:17 says, “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.” Stock the kitchenette with inexpensive protein sources like peanut butter, beans, oats and other non-perishable foods. Your congregation will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a kitchenette.    

6. Upgrade Technology

Worship has fundamentally remained the same for centuries. All you need is a dedicated preacher to spread the word of God to their congregation. However, technology has blessed churches with the ability to reach worldwide audiences through live streaming and social media. Your community room can take advantage of this opportunity through new devices. 

For instance, the church can invest in high-quality cameras and microphones to capture clear images and voices during sermons. The congregation should also consider using streaming software to ensure viewers can easily watch your services from anywhere. 

Research shows about 40% of churchgoers participate in person and virtually, so streaming is something to ponder if your congregation hasn’t started yet.

Remembering Christ in Your Community Room

Proverbs 24:3-4 says you build a house through wisdom and establish it through understanding. Utilizing knowledge gives each room precious and pleasant riches. 

Renovating your community room opens the door to numerous opportunities. With each idea, remember to put Jesus first and ensure everything you do is for him. The renovations should make it easier for your congregation to spread the word about his everlasting love.

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