3 Quotes That’ll Make You Think (The Color of Life)

3 Quotes That’ll Make You Think (The Color of Life) January 20, 2019

In just over two week, The Color of Life hits bookstores near you …and as I’ve been saying to the launch team, on podcast interviews and in one-on-one coffee shop meetings alike, more than anything I hope that this little book sparks conversation. I hope that the stories of real, live, fleshy people spark something new in our hearts and engage our minds in new ways of thinking, maybe for the first time.

As such, I’ve got three quotes (plus questions of my own) from the book that’ll cause those brain cells to think …but I also hope that you’ll pre-order a copy of the book so you can fully understand the context of these words.

What do you think it means to learn how to hold both the oppressor and the oppressed? How has love redeemed a broken place in your life? 

How does realizing that justice and wholeness yours change the way you interact with the world? 

What does it mean to tune your ears to another side of the story that isn’t about you? How have you seen this actively played out in another person’s life? 

So, there you go, friends: chew on these thought-worthy quotes. Think over them. Wrestle with them. And then engage with the story as a whole in just a couple of weeks when The Color of Life arrives on your doorstep! PS: Feel free to save and share any of these images. 

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