Are you an Oregonian?

Are you an Oregonian? March 22, 2019

As any reader of The Color of Life now knows, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Returning to my roots – be it the church of my childhood or the stories of Oregon’s racist history I didn’t learn in the fourth grade – not only became a sizable part of the book but a big part of learning to color outside the lines, especially when it comes to conversations of justice, race and privilege.

In that way, as my family and I get ready to fly north tomorrow afternoon, I’m also so very excited to enter into conversations with friends and strangers alike in my home state.

If you live in Oregon, consider joining us for one of the following events this coming week. And if you don’t live in Oregon but have a friend who’s on your annual Christmas card list (and who might benefit from joining us at an event), consider forwarding this blog post to them!

Otherwise, here’s a little more about each event:

March 24, 10:30 am (Cascade Church, Portland, OR): Y’all, I’m preaching …and do you know what I’m going to say, over and over again? The particularities of personhood matter deeply to Jesus – that’s it!

March 24, 2 – 4 pm (Rainbow West, Salem, OR): This won’t so much be a conversational book event as much as a traditional book reading and signing event with Karen Barnett, author of Where the Fire Falls. I look forward to sharing the stage with her!

March 25, 7 pm (Valley Covenant Church, Eugene, OR): I can’t wait to join the good people of Duck Country for a couple of readings and presentation on the topic, “8 Concrete Steps People of Faith Can Take to Address Racial Justice.” The talk is based on a recently published iBelieve article of a similar name.

March 26, 7 pm (First Baptist Church, McMinnville, OR): I can’t wait to dive into conversation with Erika Marksbury, senior pastor of an inclusive, progressive American Baptist community. After all, what does it mean to not only recognize our privilege but to also take steps toward racial healing for all of our brothers and sisters?

March 28, 7 pm: (Cascade Church, Portland, OR): I’m heading back to SE Portland for a night I don’t doubt is going to be most memorable. I can’t wait to take the stage with Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros, Michelle Lang & Velynn Brown, (along with moderator Michelle Jones of Imago Dei Church), as we all come around the table around the theme of “Honing Voice: The Experience of Race and the Creative Process.” Think you’re going to join us? Sign up on Eventbrite today!

So, there you go! It’ll be a full week, but we can’t wait to play in Gaga and Papa’s backyard, visit some of my favorite haunts and see some faces we’ve long been excited to see.

I sure hope one of those faces is you!

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