January 10, 2024

Four days ago marked the third anniversary of an ugly scene that unfolded in Washington DC.  January 6th, will always be a day that I remember.  A day where I didn’t get much work done as I sat in my office and watched in horror as a massive crowd marched to the Capital Building.  Amongst the crowd one could see MAGA banners, Christian Flags, gallows, and even a Jesus saves sign.   I clicked on the facebook app and found... Read more

January 6, 2024

Recently I read an intriguing article in which now-deceased author Tim Keller voiced concern over nationalism in the church. I then made the mistake of reading the comment section under this article. While I won’t say which social media platform it was I can say it might rhyme with macehook.  Keyboard courage prevailed.As you know, social media comment sections are perhaps one of the ugliest glimpses of humanity that one can find. Trust me, I have read enough comments to... Read more

June 21, 2023

  Today I surprised myself… Before I share about my surprise let me share a story about my life.  This story is about a time when I was a young Bible College student. A story from my past. One fall during my time as a Bible college student my dad, knowing I’d be home in three weeks for Christmas break, allowed me to drive his truck back to my college campus after Thanksgiving break.  In the middle of this three-... Read more

June 12, 2023

As I am new this online community the first thing I wish to do is to introduce myself.  My name is Jon Goodwin.  I am a husband.  This summer I will celebrate my 22nd wedding anniversary to my amazing wife Jen.  I am a father.  I have three children.  All three are thriving at life and make me incredibly proud.  I am a pastor.  I have been in fulltime ministry for nearly 20 years and at my current church for... Read more

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