November 16, 2018

I’ve often heard it said, “Hurt people – hurt people,” and I have to say, most often, this is the case. One of the hardest things to do is to extend grace, compassion, and loving kindness toward people who have hurt us. Actually, we often hope even God will also withhold His grace, compassion, and loving kindness toward others who have offended us in some way. Have you experienced this emotion recently, or are you feeling this way now? In… Read more

November 14, 2018

God is a big picture God and He’s equally detailed too. Why should this matter? Because for us to see the bigger story in our lives, we need understand the bigger picture and the bigger purposes of God in our lives. Time frames our lives, and the images we live out on our life’s canvas will reflect one of two things when we come to the end of our lives here on earth; Christ’s image or our own self-portrait. God… Read more

November 12, 2018

Have you ever asked these questions of God? Are you asking them now? We’ve heard it said, we’re either going through a life storm, coming out of one, or getting ready to go into one. It’s so true. Life can be tough at times. Some storms we face are merely thunder and lightning that frighten us and shake us up a bit. Others have the ability to knock us off our feet, toss us to-and-fro, and sometimes even throw us… Read more

November 9, 2018

For years I allowed hurt and fear to keep me from pursuing the life God was urging me to embrace. I let emotional baggage paralyze me and prevent me from going after healthy life choices and opportunities that were right within my reach. Emotional baggage can be paralyzing. It is often passed down from generation to generation. If we allow it to, it can continue to infect our families and loved ones for generations to come. Is there something in… Read more

November 7, 2018

Waiting is never easy. Invariably, when I’m in a hurry, I’ll choose the slowest checkout line at the store or get stopped by every traffic light on my way to an appointment.  Patiently waiting throughout everyday life situations can be annoying, but there’s another kind of waiting that, at times, can be just as agonizing ––– waiting on God. Are you currently waiting on God to answer the cries of your heart? Have you ever felt the “weight” of waiting… Read more

November 2, 2018

Leadership involves influence and we all influence others in one way or another. Either for better or for worse. Whether with family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances, it’s vital we carefully consider our sphere of influence and the type of influence we have on them. So, “Are you a leader worth following?” John Maxwell says, “The most important ingredient of leadership is integrity.” Integrity is the quality of being honest, of having strong moral principles. It’s an essential ingredient if we’re going… Read more

October 31, 2018

The practice of and fight for religious beliefs are central themes throughout world history and in the Bible. The Bible records the lengthy history of Israel’s opposition and fickle love towards God. The Israelites single-handedly created their own battles with God and their history was primarily based on their continual fascination and draw to paganism and idolatry, which they displayed openly before God. God sent his prophets to speak to them, but they only ridiculed them and continued their pursuit… Read more

October 29, 2018

We all get discouraged. At one time or another — over one thing or another. Discouragement seeks to continually assault our plans, our purposes, and our pursuits. We get discouraged in our workplaces, our homes, with our co-workers, friends, loved ones, and acquaintances. By attacking our thoughts with a barrage of negative messages, Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy the relationships we have and the hopes and dreams God places on our hearts. One moment we are inspired, enthusiastic,… Read more

October 26, 2018

Has God placed a dream in your heart? Is He asking you to do something you believe is beyond your natural ability –– outside of your comfort zone? Dreaming focuses on the future, it sees beyond our current circumstances and abilities and looks toward the possibilities of what could be. God gives us dreams and desires at all stages and ages of life. They are often an integral part of the direction our lives ultimately take. At times, people discourage… Read more

October 24, 2018

I started thinking about joy versus happiness. I pondered “joy” because some of my circumstances were not making me feel very happy. That’s when I realized I was confusing happiness and joy. I can be happy and not be joyful. I can be joyful and not be happy. Happiness is external, it’s temporary. Happiness is what HAPPENS to us. Whether it’s our favorite specialty coffee, a wonderful vacation, your child’s good report card or a fun dinner with your girlfriends. Happiness comes from the good things… Read more

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