Let’s Hear a Hearty Welcome

Let’s Hear a Hearty Welcome July 6, 2013

What’s this? “Creative Atheist,” another new blog? It may be my third living blog, but for you, dear reader, it’s quite possibly the bazillionth.

Let’s see if I can explain why you might enjoy reading the upcoming views, reviews, and interviews.

  • Reading, writing, and rationality are my passions, and I want to share them with you. (‘Rithmetic, rhythm, and, alas, even riding a bike, I leave to those much better equipped.) If you’re in one of those generations with an upper-case letter for its nickname, I’ve been writing since before you were born (articles, essays, books, a novel just coming out). I’ve also been reviewing books and other stuff since the days of Kaypro and CPMs. (For more about me, click the button up there that says ABOUT.)
  • The Internet is great for sharing information, reassurance, and practical wisdom. As a newly outspoken atheist (outwritten doesn’t have the same feel, does it?), I begin this blog about creative atheists as a natural extension of my tip-toeing-out-of-the-closet activism. Being in a minority, albeit one that is gaining adherents steadily, can be a lonely and scary thing. Maybe I can encourage some of you to be more comfortable speaking out eventually too.

Sure, there are lots of book blogs online. Very few of them focus on atheists and atheism, however. And those that do, don’t necessarily concern themselves with the creative process and journey to publication those creative individuals underwent.

So stay tuned if you want to keep up with good novels and credible nonfiction authored by atheists; videos and documentaries by atheist filmmakers; and art, poetry, music, and anything else creative by those who don’t believe in the supernatural.

I’m Susan, by the way, and I love to connect with readers, so please ask questions, make suggestions about who and what you’d like to see covered, and share relevant links with me and other readers.

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