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Post #1 August 7, 2012

I’ve been a fan of some of the Patheos blogs for awhile and am delighted to be part of this diverse group!

This blog is a civil but energetic critique of Christianity from an atheist viewpoint, and I write about Christian apologetics, atheism, and the impact of Christianity on society.

I’ve been blogging for over a year at the Cross Examined and Galileo Unchained blogs and will be focusing just on Cross Examined here at Patheos.  I’ll be gradually reposting some of my old material to this new audience.

My journey to atheism was uneventful.  I was raised Presbyterian.  Christianity never did much for me, so I fell away from religious practice in college.  Years later, a long email debate with a young-earth Creationist got me thinking, and I just couldn’t stop.  He changed me from an apatheist (“Who cares whether there’s a god or not?”) into an atheist—probably not what he intended.

I’ve written a book about Christian apologetics, perhaps the first novel to explore the arguments for and against Christianity.  You can find Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey at Amazon.

I look forward to your comments. Any suggestions for new topics—things about Christianity or atheism that bug you or questions you have—would also be much appreciated. Find my contact information on the About page.

Bob Seidensticker

Some believers accuse skeptics
of having nothing left but a dull, cold, scientific world.
I am left with only art, music, literature, theatre,
the magnificence of nature, mathematics, the human spirit,
sex, the cosmos, friendship, history, science, imagination,
dreams, oceans, mountains, love, and the wonder of birth.
That’ll do for me.
— Lynne Kelly

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