Stupid Argument BINGO, Christian Edition

Stupid Argument BINGO, Christian Edition March 18, 2015

To go along with the 25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid blog series, here are some of the stupidest arguments in BINGO format.

This might make a nice companion when listening to a Christian lecture or when engaging a Christian in a discussion online. Feel free to shout out the appropriate square (“B3!” instead of the clumsier “I fear, dear fellow, that you’re appealing to Pascal’s Wager” or “N2!” instead of “In the name of the god that doesn’t exist, tell me you’re not making the Argument from Accurate Place Names”).

Each square links to the relevant discussion on the issue, and a larger version of the card is here.

(The licensing rights for the drinking version of this game are available!)

B1I1N1G1O1 I2I2N2G2O2B3I3G3O3B4I4N4G4O4B5aI5N5G5O5

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