More John Hagee Hanky Panky

More John Hagee Hanky Panky April 3, 2015

Hagee Blood MoonsThe ominous third of John Hagee’s four really scary “blood moons” happens tonight.

In case you’re in the envious position of never having heard of Rev. Hagee’s ill-informed imaginings about how this heralds the end of the world (or something), I invite you to read a few posts of mine that cover the subject.

I introduced the subject in “The World Will End Soon! Again!

On the eve of the really scary second blood moon, I wrote “Tonight: the Beginning of the End?” which also introduced another end-of-the-world prophet, Ray Comfort. Prophets like Ray must be pretty self-confident, because they know the consequences of being wrong. About those, God says, “That prophet shall die” (Deuteronomy 18:20).

And finally, there was the movie a few weeks ago: “I Watched John Hagee’s “Four Blood Moons” So You Don’t Have To.”

I hope these posts are helpful, but don’t take too long reading them. The eclipse will be total Saturday morning at 5:00 am Seattle time. If it’s clear, take a look—it might be the last thing you ever see. If Hagee is right, tonight’s eclipse means something.

(I think it means that the earth is casting a shadow on the moon.)

If God is a just God, wouldn’t he be more likely to want to share eternity
with someone who honestly disbelieved for lack of evidence
than a liar who pretended to believe
just to get his ass into heaven?
— Victor Stenger

Image credit: Rob Glover, flickr, CC

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