A Call for Civil Disobedience: Remove “God”

A Call for Civil Disobedience: Remove “God” August 20, 2019

Some atheist friends and I had a ritual that we followed when we met for dinner. We defaced our money.

On the back of U.S. paper money (technically, Federal Reserve notes) are the words “In God We Trust.” But I don’t trust in a god that I don’t believe exists; why should I be forced to promote a concept I don’t accept to conduct commerce? Does the American government have no obligation to its citizens who are atheists, agnostics, or religious non-Christians who feel excluded by this?

Consider the second beast from Revelation 13:16–18 that forced all people “to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” Would the Christians eager for the imposition of “In God We Trust” as a national motto be just as happy if the money were printed with the Beast’s 666? Or what if it instead professed trust in Shiva or Allah or Xenu?

Civil disobedience

Our dinner ritual is to practice a little civil disobedience and change the slogan. Some cross out the entire motto, some cross out just “God,” and some change “God” to “FSM” (Flying Spaghetti Monster). You could replace it with E Pluribus Unum or the beginning of the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

Let’s take a closeup of the middle anarchist. I’m pretty sure that’s a blue “RELIGION: Together we can find a cure” t-shirt. Oh—and a defaced $20 Federal Reserve Note.

Give it a try at your next gathering of freethinkers or advocates for the separation of church and state.

But is it illegal?

What’s illegal is a national motto that spits on the First Amendment. Even if we ignore the unconstitutionality, it should’ve been a crime to replace the motto E Pluribus Unum—“Out of many, one,” which is the story of an America built by immigrants working together—with a colorless motto that could just as easily fit fifty countries.

Title 18 of the U.S. Code has several relevant sections about changes to currency.

  • Section 333 says that mutilating or defacing a Federal Reserve note is illegal, but only if done “with intent to render such [note] unfit to be reissued.”
  • Section 471 says you can’t alter money with intent to defraud.
  • Section 472 says you can’t possess or pass on money with intent to defraud.
  • Section 475 says you can’t put advertisements on money. (This got the Where’s George? bank note tracking project into trouble.)

It’s clear that this project is legal, but if you like, imagine a cloud of doubt to make it more exciting.

Add some spice. Cross out “God” in front of who you’re paying, or replace the slogan with “Atheist Money.” Get your Christian friends to join in—government meddling in religion can’t be good for them, either.

And ask yourself how weak the Christian argument is if its proponents must try to steal the prestige of the U.S. government to bolster it.

668—the neighbor of the beast.


(This is an update of a post that originally appeared 8/12/15.)


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  • epicurus

    An audio book I listened to years ago said when it comes to the dollar, it should really say “in the central bank we trust,” or something like that, since only the govt’s willingness to back the currency gives it any real value.

    • Phil

      As its value is all down to having faith in the currency, perhaps “In God We Trust” is somewhat apt! Just kidding! Alternatively “In Collective Gullibility We Trust”.

  • eric

    Given that it’s legal, how is it civil disobedience? You aren’t actually disobeying anyone. (Unless there’s some additional state laws that are relevant).

    • Lex Lata

      This comment is gratuitously contrary and pedantic.

      I wish I’d written it.

    • I doubt state laws are relevant since currency is a federal matter.

      It doesn’t have to be illegal to be civil disobedience, IMO. If you are disrespectful to the American flag, for example, that is likely to be legal, but others might get pissed. I’d call that civil disobedience, but that’s me.

      • Some guy

        At the risk of going full People’s-Front-of-Judea on you, I think the word “civil” implies an actual legal transgression. (Hmmm . . . maybe also “disobedience”, for that matter).

        • A valid point, though it does get into the breaking law vs. breaking taboo question. The suggestion that it might be illegal (even though it sure doesn’t seem like it) does add to the mystique.

          (And it’s Judean People’s Front, BTW.)

        • Phil

          “And it’s Judean People’s Front”

          Pah! Splitters!

  • otrame

    Been crossing it out on paper money for years.

  • skl

    What’s illegal is a national motto that spits on
    the First Amendment. Even if we ignore the unconstitutionality…

    I think you can ignore it because it’s not unconstitutional.

    • What’s not unconstitutional?

      • skl

        The national motto you referred to.

        • The current motto is Christian. The Constitution insists that the government must be secular.

          The Constitution must win.

        • skl

          For your three sentences I’ll respond:

        • Explain.

        • skl


        • NS Alito


        • Ah, what a breath of fresh air!

          Smells like farts.

        • HairyEyedWordBombThrower


          The whine of the loser with nothing to back up a stupid proposition.

        • Rudy R

          So you don’t agree that United States Congress passed an act adopting “In God We Trust” as the official motto? And you disagree that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof?

        • Kodie

          It’s also dumb. What happened to E Pluribus Unum? Expressing faith in god to carry our country (which is dumb and false) or is it just that god backs your dollars, because trust is also a monetary term? It doesn’t seem like a motto as much as a slogan, but you don’t think about what it means and who is excluded by it.

    • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

      Read the First Amendment, then try to claim that again.

      I’ll pretend you’re ignorant and don’t know the text of the First Amendment.

  • argyranthemum

    I discovered on etsy there’s a Harriet Tubman stamp for sale (from several sellers) to put Ms. Tubman where she should be on the $20 bill. I’ve been tempted.

    • A friend brought one to an atheist dinner, and we were all stamping our 20s. You need to line it up just so, but it works well.

      • argyranthemum

        Thanks — good to know!

    • NS Alito

      I just ordered 6 (3 self-inking, 3 padless). It was deeply backordered when I first learned about it.

  • The Where’s George? people didn’t get in trouble for violating §475 – they got in trouble for selling stampers and pads for stamping bills with the http://www.wheresgeorge.com URL. It turns out it’s illegal to sell items intended for imprinting on money.

    • Jim Jones
    • t turns out it’s illegal to sell items intended for imprinting on money

      for the purpose of advertising, as I understand it.

      • NS Alito

        Well, Harriet Tubman is promoting her brand, unlike Frederick Douglass, who is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more and therefore doesn’t need the self-promotion.

        • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

          It’s….*scary*…how right you got the tone on that.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    A bit OT… I loved in the novel ‘Making Money’ by Sir Pterry that the Discworld’s best forger was hired to draw the new currency (:

  • WallofSleep

    I’ll typically cross it out and write “Mammon” in it’s place.

  • Jim Jones

    One pen stroke changes ‘god’ to ‘gold’ which is far more truthful.

    As for legality:



  • JBSchmidt

    Ironic that the right you have to speak freely against the country was developed by the ‘religious’ you wish to ‘cure’.

    • I don’t see it as ironic or odd. The founding fathers knew the problems with a theocracy or a state with religion meddling. So they created a secular state. And that’s a win for everyone, Christians included.

      • JBSchmidt

        Just the part where you are attempting to ‘cure’ the country of the Trust in God that built your freedoms.

        Is it promoting a religion or is it acknowledging a truth of our founding?

        • I don’t remember democracy in the Old Testament. Or civil rights. Or not-slavery.

          No, I’m pretty much drawing a blank for where in Christianity these freedoms came from.

          But, regardless, you’re stuck with a secular Constitution. A win for Christians and atheists.

        • JBSchmidt

          Well thanks to the Christianity of the founders, we don’t have a democracy.

          Also, is the coin promoting a religion or is it acknowledging a truth of our founding?

        • Jack the Sandwichmaker

          I really do think it’s scary how conservatives have started attacking the idea of democracy.
          Grew up in the ’80s when the rhetoric was we were spreading and defending the virtues of Democracy to the world, now they have to point out that we aren’t a Democracy (just a Republic with democratically elected Representatives, and a convoluted method of electing a President that still boils down to votes of the people.)

        • Otto

          Please, do enlighten us as to what part of Christianity deserves the thanks that was oh so integral to our foundation of our system of gov’t. Funny cause I don’t remember Jesus being mentioned in any of the documents.

        • Rudy R

          The same Trust in God that justified slavery, misogyny and bigotry and only doled out freedoms to the white gentry?

        • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

          So you’d be fine with ‘In ALLAH We Trust’ on US currency, then?

          If not, *why* not?

          And the truth of the founding of the US is that it was designed to exclude religion from power, while still not persecuting religion. YOUR KIND refuse to give up your unearned, undeserved privilege, that’s all.

        • Joseph Patterson

          Get your facts straight before speaking. You should read the “Founding Myth” by Constitutional attorney
          Andrew L Seidel https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1454933275/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

        • Ignorant Amos

          Schmidty Boy looks like he gets his history from that lying toerag pseudo-historian David Barton.

        • Greg G.

          JBS is so out of touch with reality, he doesn’t realize that Barton’s book was recalled by the publisher our of shame.

        • Steven Watson

          For emphasis, this was a CHRISTIAN

        • Greg G.

          Oops, I notice I fat-fingered a key. The last propositional phrase should have been “out of shame”.

        • gemini bowie

          The truth is that it wasn’t the national motto until 1956 – 120 years after the last FF died.

    • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

      Uh, no.

      This country was developed by freethinkers who had to pander to the religious to some degree just to form a country…and YOUR KIND *still* railed against the ‘godless’ Constitution when it was released for debate and ratification.

      Crawl back into your authoritarian slimepit, why don’t you?

    • Ignorant Amos

      More ignorant nonsense.

    • gemini bowie

      By the ‘religious’ who didn’t bother to mention your sky-daddy in the secular constitution.

      Furthermore, the Constitution mentions religion exactly twice: once to prohibit any religious test to hold public office (freedom FROM religion) – Article VI, paragraph 3, the second to prohibit the establishment of a state religion (freedom FROM religion) or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (freedom OF religion) – First Amendment.

      • JustAnotherAtheist2

        The other problem is crediting religion for mere ubiquity. Of course things done 100s of years ago will have been done by believers, there were more believers back then!

    • Lark62

      Do you mean the religious people who want every school and courthouse in the country to put up a monument telling me which deity I am allowed to worship? You think those religious people should get credit for freedom of religion?

      You might want to rent a brain.

      The religious did not promote the right to freedom of religion. It was people who saw the harm of mixing religious belief with government power who demanded freedom of religion.

  • Mythblaster
  • Lark62

    I write “No” over the word “In”. “No God We Trust.”

  • RichardSRussell

    668 = neighbor of the Beast

    But wait! There’s more:

    DCLXVI = Roman numeral of the Beast

    666.0000 = number of the high-precision Beast

    0.666 = number of the millibeast

    666,000,000 = number of the megabeast

    / 666 = Beast common denominator

    666i = imaginary number of the Beast

    1010011010 = binary number of the Beast

    -0.809016994 = sine of the Beast

    7.194436287 = inverse hyperbolic cosine of the Beast

    666^(Manson) = exponent of the Beast

    6, uh… what was that number again? = number of the blonde Beast

    1-666 = area code of the Beast

    00666 = zip code of the Beast

    1-900-666-0666 = Live Beasts! 1-on-1 pacts! Call now! Only $6.66/minute. Over 6+6+6 only please.

    $665.95 = retail price of the Beast

    $710.30 = price of the Beast plus 6.66% state sales tax

    $769.95 = price of the Beast with all accessories and replacement soul

    $656.66 = Walmart price of the Beast

    $646.66 = next week’s Walmart price of the Beast

    Phillips 666 = gasoline of the Beast

    Route 666 = way of the Beast

    |666| = vodka best buy of the Beast

    666i = BMW of the Beast

    666° F = oven temperature for roast Beast

    666 mg = recommended minimum daily allowance of Beast

    666 Hz = pitch of the Beast

    666 (k) = retirement plan of the Beast

    6.66% = 5-year CD interest rate at 1st Beast of Hell National Bank, $666 minimum deposit

    DSM-666 (revised) = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Beast

    999 = girlfriend of the Beast

    555 = number of the Wanna-Beast

    6 6/6 = Lucky number of the Beast

    ∂∂∂ = Leonardo da Vinci addressing the Beast

    6 = Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of the Beast

    666,000,000,000 = Carl Sagan contemplating the Beast

    666…+ = Jesus taking the Beast out for a stroll

    ¿¿¿ = BewildeBeast

    333 = the Beast as an adolescent

    700 Club = Beastly TV program

    .666 = good Beastball batting average

    2 x 4 x 666 = lumbering Beast = IP address of the Beast

    666@hell.org = e-mail address of the Beast

    999 = the Beast doing a handstand

    696 = the Beast getting off on a porn flik

    • Renie

      That was hilarious! Thanks for posting.

    • JSloan

      0.0015015015015015… = reciprocal of the Beast

    • Greg G.

      333 = Eric the Half Beast
      666x^665 dx = the Derivative of x to the Beast Power

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        333 = “I’m Eric!” Beast 😉

    • JustAnotherAtheist2

      Thanks for the chuckles.

    • Some guy

      6.66 x 10 ^ 2 = Scientific number of the Beast. (Too obvious?)

      • RichardSRussell

        Nothing’s too obvious when you’re stretching for every gag you can get, the way I was. But here I would’ve gone with “scientific notation of the Beast” = 6.66E2.

    • Greg G.

      0.666 = number of the millibeast

      How many legs does a millibeast have?

      • DoorknobHead


      • Phil

        Isn’t he legless after Eden? Too many fermented apples methinks.

    • Phil

      How loud is it’s roar in watts RMS/watts Music Power?

      • Greg G.

        [cups ear] Huh?

  • Ignorant Amos

    668—the neighbor of the beast.

    A thought the actual number of the beast is 616?


    • Some guy

      That’s metric.

      • Ignorant Amos

        So not Whitworth….why am I so fucked?

    • I understand that’s just another numerical route to the same destination–Emperor Nero as the Beast.

  • gemini bowie

    Don’t miss Andrew Seidel in Hurst, TX this Friday, August 23rd!

    FFRF Director of Strategic Response Andrew Seidel will discuss his debut book The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American on Friday, August 23 at 7-9 PM. The event is hosted by the DFW chapter of FFRF and will be held at Pathways Church (Unitarian Universalist Church), 481 W Harwood Rd, Hurst, Texas 76054. Books will be available for $25.00 at the event and Andrew will take time to autograph and chat with attendees. This event is free and open to the public.

    • Greg G.

      I saw a notice that Andrew Seidel will be a guest on The Atheist Experience on Sunday, April 25.

      • gemini bowie

        August 25

        • Greg G.

          Oops. Thanks.

  • Derek Mathias

    Or you could do what I do: I bought an “In Reason We Trust” stamp from FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation), and every month at our local atheist “Blasphemy Breakfast” get-together I stamp everyone’s bills, like this:


    • You’re doing the Lord’s work, my brother.

      Or not.

      • Derek Mathias

        Hmm, yeah, that’s a little ambiguous. Thank you…or not?

        • The first line is sarcasm and the second line is me.

        • Derek Mathias

          I know. Me too. 🙂

  • gemini bowie

    In God We Trust

    The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled: “Its use is of patriotic or ceremonial character.”

    In other words, it doesn’t have any literal meaning or authority. But when xians are desperate to support their delusion, it’s understandable why they use it.

    • BertB

      I was talking about this to a devout believer earlier today. He said the phrase was added to the currency by a President. He didn’t remember which one. Supposedly, it increased the value of our money in international markets. I expressed more than a little doubt about that…not that some politician might have said it, but that it had any effect on the value of our currency.
      I replied that the currency value is determined by “the full faith and credit of the United States of America” whatever the ^Hell that means…and I continued (since he is a Trump supporter) by saying that the value of US currency is threatened by the huge deficits the current moron in the WH is running…and by his constant disruption of any kind of normality in our international relations.

    • It’s an odd world we have when atheists must remind Christians the meaning of “In God we trust.”

  • Flint8ball

    Love it. Bonus points for throwing out the bibles and books of mormon found in hotel rooms… Or write “work of fiction” on the inside cover. 🙂

    • Greg G.

      Sometimes I write a suggestion in the Bibles to read Ezekiel 23. It tells about paramours with donkey dicks.

      • Ignorant Amos

        Horsey emissions.

        • Some guy

          Donkeys aren’t horses. Don’t be an ass. (Just kidding; couldn’t resist.)

        • Phil

          Ah, but biblically they are the ‘same kind’, whatever that means!

        • carbonUnit

          We’d better put a halter to this before it runs away.

        • Greg G.

          Equus me?

        • Ignorant Amos

          The mane thing is, not to get carried away.

        • carbonUnit

          Your lack of unbridled enthusiasm is so sad…

        • Greg G.

          Have you ever noticed that the results of Gallop Polls are always 100% “Neigh”?

        • Ignorant Amos

          Ya nose that one will win, hands down.

        • Ignorant Amos

          It be-hooves me to tell ya, but a I cantor understand Gallop Polls.

        • carbonUnit

          Nobody wants to be saddled with statistics…

        • Greg G.

          Statistics give me nightmares 37% of the time.

        • carbonUnit

          Well, maybe you’d better pony up and stud y.

        • Otto

          Don’t stirrup trouble

    • Phil

      I have been known to put in the front of bibles:
      “This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.”

      • BertB

        I think I will make up some sticky labels with that declaration and carry them when I travel. Great idea!

  • Ignorant Amos

    We tend to put historical folk of importance on the bank notes here, many of them important scientists.

    Sir Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, James Watt, Charles Darwin, etc.

    Alan Turing is up next.


    Our local currency here in Northern Ireland issued a £5 note with the space shuttle on it to commemorate the millenium. To fuck with that holy rolling shite.


    • BertB

      Turing was gay, I believe. That’s great!

      • carbonUnit

        Yes, chemically castrated because being gay was illegal. He committed suicide as a result.

        • Ignorant Amos

          Yes, chemically castrated because being gay was illegal.

          Because his other choice was jail time.

          He committed suicide as a result.

          Or did he? Dant-dant-dannnn!

  • HFR

    Simply white out the T in trust and you have “In God we Rust”. Which really sums up what religion is, rusting!

  • S. Arch

    I’ve been doing this for some time. I just blot out the entire phrase with a black Sharpie. The obstacle is that I don’t handle much actual cash these days; use plastic for almost everything.

  • We substitute it with Primus in our household. Fun times are had by all two of us.

  • Izumi Shikibu

    I used to mark my bills & enter them into “where’s George”, which caused many people to ask me if I wasn’t breaking the law by writing on the bills. This article explains the law pretty well; my answer to those who asked was that I’d never has anyone refuse my money, including banks! (My understanding was that my marks couldn’t interfere with or alter the bill’s denomination or registration number). Lots of great ideas here in the comments about what to write over ‘god’, thanks!

    As an aside but along a similar vein: the Trump administration would rather burst into flame than expedite the long-planned move to change the person on our $20 bills to Harriet Tubman (who dares to be both black and a woman, two characteristics Trump finds intolerable). On Etsy, you can buy a great stamp which perfectly applies Ms. Tubman’s visage over racist president Andrew Jackson. FYI.

    • Jack the Sandwichmaker

      I once had a business refuse to take a bill that had a corner torn off (not deliberately, just through wear). I was shocked enough to just agree and give them a different bill, but was left afterward wondering WTH?

    • I’ve seen the Tubman stamp in person. It’s a little tricky to line up, but the end result is impressive.

  • Jim X

    …and the front of the $1 bill can be folded up to read “Tits of America.” I remember that from 4th grade.

    • Some guy

      Here I am, 52 years old, thanking you for this info. Will we never grow up?

      • Greg G.

        I just did it to make sure. It said, “Derve Note” right above it.

    • TheNuszAbides

      All I learned back then was how to turn Washington’s portrait into a mushroom.

  • Australia’s banknotes “were the first full series to be printed on polymer (plastic). Polymer banknote technology was developed in Australia, jointly by the Reserve Bank and the CSIRO. The reason for introducing polymer banknotes was simple – to keep one step ahead of counterfeiters by making Australia’s banknotes more secure. Polymer banknotes have the added benefit of being more durable than paper banknotes which, in turn, makes them more cost-effective.”

    Australia’s current banknotes feature prominent personalities from our nation’s history, and include Five Women and One Indigenous Australian: David Unaipon (1872–1967), who “made significant contributions to science and literature and to improvements in the conditions of Aboriginal people. He was prominent in public life as a spokesman for Aboriginal people and was often called upon to participate in royal commissions and inquiries into Aboriginal issues.

    Some of Unaipon’s inventions include an improved hand tool for shearing sheep, a centrifugal motor, a multi-radial wheel and a mechanical propulsion device; he was unable, however, to get financial backing to develop his ideas. He gained a reputation at the time of being ‘Australia’s Leonardo’ for his promotion of scientific ideas.

    As an employee of the Aborigines’ Friends’ Association for many years, he travelled widely and became well known throughout south-eastern Australia. While on his travels, Unaipon lectured on his ideas, preached sermons and spoke about Aboriginal legends and customs. He also spoke of the need for ‘sympathetic co-operation’ between whites and blacks, and for equal rights for both black and white Australians.





  • Phil

    I like the phrases “In No God We Trust” and “In God We Trust to do Nothing”. But then I am not a ‘merkin’.

    • carbonUnit

      “Trust no God(s)”

  • Maltnothops

    668 -Neighbor of the Beast is a reference to a song by the Austin Lounge Lizards. The protagonist of the song lives at 667 and the Beast next door. The protagonist sings about what he sees and hears. The Beast is a troubled neighbor.


    The Lizards have any number of irreverent songs — Jesus Loves Me But He Can’t Stand You; The Other Shore leap to mind. And their lyrics are just plain witty.

  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    What is the life-cycle of the typical monetary bill?
    For twenties, I imagine they go from ATM->Person->Business->Bank and around and around again. How many times does that cycle usually go before the bill is deemed too worn to be used?
    Fives and ones probably travel back and fourth between customers and businesses before making it back to the bank.

    Does marking up and crossing out the motto have an affect on when the bills are pulled from circulation?

    • Guestie

      Decades ago, when cash was used more often, I remember reading that 18 months was how long a bill lasted. The dollar coin was supposed to save money by being durable.

    • I wonder why the US can’t figure out how to use $1 coins. That amount (and more) are provided as coins only in other countries. Maybe just habit?

  • Andrej Đeneš

    In [DATA EXPUNGED] We Trust.

  • DoorknobHead

    What about the “In God We Trust” on school buildings? (hammer time?) cop cars (rattle-can time?) If I was in a state where they put “In God We Trust” on schools, I don’t know if I’d do it but I might feel inclined to do some vandalism (of course the school/tax-payers would be flipping for the bill). What if most of the schools in the county had accidents happen to their unconstitutional propaganda on the same day/night? Think of it as a community of activists getting together to make a statement. I saw one school put up a one dollar bill to meet the requirement — it would be funny if someone accessed the sealed enclosure and changed it to something more appropriate.

    • I believe the dollar bills put up in schools are enlarged, not legal tender.

      • DoorknobHead

        “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Marker” (Ref: ‘Jaws’)

  • RichardSRussell

    Anyone know why these 3 guys have the black bars across their eyes? It sure looks as if they’re proud of what they’re doing and would WANT to be associated with it.

  • Gary M

    Truth matters. Investigate. Look at the evidence. Read the books of leading Christian apologists and leading skeptics. If Christianity is true, it will withstand the scrutiny.

    • Greg G.

      If Christianity is true, it will withstand the scrutiny.

      Done that. Christianity did not withstand serious scrutiny.

    • Jim Jones

      I like to see how far I get into apologist tomes before seeing bad arguments or wrong facts. Almost always 2 pages is the limit.

      • Ignorant Amos

        Sometimes reading who is endorsing it on the dust jacket is sufficient enough to drop it like a hot tatty.

    • Ignorant Amos

      If Christianity is true, it will withstand the scrutiny.

      And it fails big time.

      • JustAnotherAtheist2

        Over and over and over again.

    • JustAnotherAtheist2

      Been there, done that. It’s how I earned my username.

    • I think the results are in.

  • C_Alan_Nault

    “in god we trust”

    They can’t mean the god of the Bible, according to the Bible that god is a liar, god sends his angels to deceive ( lie to) people, and god deludes people.

    Numbers 14:30 So none of you will ever enter and live in the land that I promised to give you.

    1 Kings 22:21 And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will persuade him.
    22 And the Lord said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    • Ignorant Amos

      2 Thessalonians 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

      Yep. Even in his NT God 2.0 guise of the Jesus part of YahwehJesus he lies like a cheap second hand watch.