This blog explores intellectual arguments in favor of Christianity (Christian apologetics) from an atheist perspective and critiques Christianity’s actions in society. I began writing it in August, 2011. There are roughly a million words in more than a thousand posts. The commenters here are sometimes smarter than I am, and their quarter-million comments have helped to make the blog a place where thoughtful people share and learn.

About the Author

After graduating from MIT in 1980, I designed digital hardware, about which I wrote my first book, The Well-Tempered Digital Design (Addison-Wesley, 1986). I have programmed in a dozen computer languages and in environments ranging from punch cards, to one of the first windowing environments, to MS-DOS, to Windows (starting with version 1.0). I am a co-contributor to 14 software patents and have worked at a number of technology companies from a 10-person startup to Microsoft and IBM.

Since leaving Microsoft, I have focused on writing. Future Hype: The Myths of Technology Change (Berrett-Koehler, 2006) explored technology change—how we see it and how it really works.

I moved on to books with atheism as a theme. My novel Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey was published in 2011. It takes a historic event—the apparently successful prediction of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake by a church in Los Angeles—and explores a young man’s spiritual tension between his famous pastor and an odd, reclusive atheist.

My next book was a novella, A Modern Christmas Carol (2013). The overall structure is that of Dickens’ classic, but this time it’s a modern televangelist who gets the Scrooge treatment. Atheism plays an important role here as well. These books are aimed at both atheist and Christian audiences.

Along with blogging, I’m currently writing a new book on atheism, a broad, introductory, nonfiction book aimed at the thoughtful Christian.

I’ve spoken to a number of groups, including a few conferences, I’ve been interviewed about twenty times, and I have participated in six public debates about atheism.

I wrote a bit about my own journey from faith in my “Post #1.”

I live in the Seattle area.  Please contact me with feedback about this blog or the book and suggestions for new posts at crossexaminedblog AT gmail DOT com. Would you like to write a guest post? Contact me about that, too.

Bob Seidensticker

Bob Seidensticker