January 22, 2021

We’ll conclude the exploration of the Problem of God’s Hiddenness. God is less convincing than a hot stove. Read more

January 19, 2021

We’ll continue the exploration of the Problem of God’s Hiddenness and find that bluster is one of apologists’ favorite tools. Read more

January 16, 2021

The most powerful argument against Christianity is the Problem of God’s Hiddenness. God wants to have a relationship with us? Then where is he? Read more

January 13, 2021

In which we consider a Christian defense of the idea that the sacrifice of Jesus made us right with God. Read more

January 11, 2021

Jesus died for our sins to reconcile us with God? Let’s consider some of the obvious insults that makes to our ideas of justice. Read more

January 8, 2021

“Ask and you will receive” is what’s promised, but prayer doesn’t work that way. Let’s examine the reductionist god that Christians have created. Read more

January 6, 2021

Are you an atheist? Maybe not after taking the Ray Comfort Challenge! He claims; “Atheism destroyed with one scientific question.” Read more

January 4, 2021

Public opinion polls are useful for lots of things. Deciding what science is isn’t one of them. Read more

January 2, 2021

The Bible has contradictions, and it shows God’s barbaric actions. Solution: just select the verses you like and say that the unpleasant ones are subordinate. Read more

December 31, 2020

Were you there to see the Big Bang or the early earth? If not, how can you say anything about them? Read more

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