We can pray for peace

We can pray for peace July 21, 2016

But sometimes that involves praying for a quick end to conflict.  Not just praying that conflict magically goes away.  It looks like we’re taking the ISIS threat seriously, and actually using language that suggests conflict, war, battle, and campaigns to finish off an opponent.  I understand there is plenty of blame to go around.  But when your ship hits an iceberg, sometimes it’s more prudent to focus on saving passengers rather than standing on the bridge arguing over who is to blame.  I wonder when we’ll learn that.  9/11 certainly didn’t teach the lesson.

Oh well.  We can pray that ISIS is eliminated and the holocaust that religious minorities have suffered under its rule is brought to a swift end.  I also understand attacks around the world might increase.  It isn’t as if there weren’t last minute attempts by Germany, by way of the famous ‘Vengeance Weapons’, to wreck havoc on the allies, especially England, as the fortunes turned against Germany in the final months of the war.  That doesn’t mean I want to hear our president or leaders speak of ISIS as ‘on the run’ or ‘finished’ until it is.  But I can pray things have turned a corner and light might be at the end of the tunnel.

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