Way to go Idaho

Way to go Idaho August 7, 2016

Idaho shows there’s more than one way to skin an agenda.  Pro-choice advocates often give the impression they’re mostly concerned about one particular choice, not so much others.  To that end, sometimes getting what comes with just about every procedure you’ll ever have done in a doctor’s office seems like an unreasonable request when it comes to abortion.  If you so much as have outpatient surgery, you’ll be given a lecture, literature, and as much information as they have on the procedure in question.  Yet try to get women considering an abortion to have an ultrasound and everyone loses their mind.

In comes Idaho, land of the spud and some pretty resourceful pro-life advocates, making available a list to free ultrasounds for women considering abortion.  Having seen ultrasounds of my four sons, I can say I can’t imagine a woman ever having an abortion once she’s seen the images, any more than I can imagine a parent taking his or her child out into the back yard and putting a bullet in the child’s head.

Our oldest, when the tech tried to get a good image, pushed back with his feet and hands.  The tech chuckled: a stubborn little fellow isn’t he?  After he was born, he still reacted the same way, almost a mirror image of the ultrasound.  And he’s still stubborn.  An abortion would have taken that little observation away from us, and the joy and pride we’ve had watching that stubbornness help him navigate a world with endless temptations and challenges.

So God bless Idaho.   It’s little victories for life that make all the difference.


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