Can’t argue much

Can’t argue much September 24, 2016

Right now, the biggest boon for Trump and his devoted followers is the denial of the militant Left.  From attacking Jimmy Fallen for not being a dutiful Leftist, to suggesting the other late night comedians throwing away all pretense of objectivity is the fault of Trump, the denial of those to the Left of center continues to help the Trump cause.

Every time someone says ‘screw you, you hayseed bigot losers’, it just validates Trump’s base message: ‘They hate you and are against you, I’m for you.’   Years of hearing opponents of liberal ideals and policies being called bigots, sexists, homophobes, Islamaphobes, racists, idiots, hate mongers, people who want to starve the poor, the minority, the elderly, all comes back to the minds of many when they hear the little term ‘deplorables’ not just used, but defended.

Since I really don’t want to see a Trump presidency, it would be nice if those who support Hillary would come down from the towers and realize their carefully constructed narrative whereby everything is always the fault of those deplorables on the Right isn’t working in the real world.  Something is going wrong, and unless Trump explodes over the first debate, we might be seeing the unimaginable come November.



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