It’s only my opinion

It’s only my opinion September 23, 2016

But when I see this tossed around on social media, I cut some slack.  The man’s brother was just killed.  Who knows, even if the situation wasn’t the same, what I would do?  I get it.  I know why people are tying to make something of it.  I certainly don’t condone what he said.  But again, he is going through the shock and grief of a lost loved one.  And not lost by natural cause or unfortunate accident, which can also bring forth grief and anger.   His brother was shot and killed.  Even if the facts show the shooting to be justified, it’s still his brother.  So give him a little breathing space.

On the other hand, there is no defense for the content of what he said, and those – also on social media – who are trying somehow to justify it, excuse it, or even agree with it based on some ‘evil can be good depending on who you are’ argument are just as wrong.  This is when I sometimes wish we didn’t have access to immediate, unfiltered information.  I’m not sure we humans were cut out to have our every reaction and thought instantly published for posterity.

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