And the winner of last’s night debate is

And the winner of last’s night debate is October 20, 2016

Chris Wallace.  Just about everyone on both sides of the aisle agree, Mr. Wallace was about the best we’ve seen in this year’s deplorable side shows that have been the presidential debates.  Not surprising.  Not all FOX News is Sean Hannity.   Just like not all CNN is Chris Cuomo.   Or any network simply one way or another based on this or that person.  There’s a reason I watch MSNBC, and CNN, and FOX, and CBS, and NBC, and ABC, as well as reading the NYT, The Wall Street Journal, The Columbus Dispatch, TIME, or Newsweek (though that last one has become tough over the years).  The fact is, I get some good information from all of them.  I also would have rocks in my head to think one was more or less biased than the other.

As I’ve said before, some of the bias is deliberate.  Some of it is unintentional, and simply the result of where the producers or editors or journalists happen to live in the world of ideas.  We all know man bites dog is news.  But if you have decided that the world is filled with men who bite dogs, and in fact biting dogs is perfectly normal, then you might naturally assume the real news is when a dog bites a man.

So count me as one who takes the media for what it is.  Of course most of the media tacks Left, and there are probably many reasons for it.  But that doesn’t mean they’re all alike, or equally good or bad.  Mr. Wallace is one of the shining spots in the modern media across the board.  In fact, nothing last night surprised me in terms of his performance.  Having watched him over the years, it was everything I expected.  Even when the candidates he had to work with were Trump and Clinton.

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