FBI reopens investigation into Clinton emails

FBI reopens investigation into Clinton emails October 28, 2016

Eh.  At this point I think anything short of a video tape of Hillary axe murdering a children’s choir isn’t going to matter.  When the alternative is Trump, there’s not much that will change things over.  Nonetheless, I’ve said before it’s a testimony to her awfulness as a candidate that she isn’t 30 points ahead.  I mean, this is Trump.  Donald Trump.  And yet, even now, the press must cheer that she at ahead in the polls, yet barely over double digits.  Some polls even indicate a slight tightening in the race.  Against Trump.  And this is a woman with the White House, the media, the entertainment industry, and an entire swath of our richest and most powerful movers and shakers firmly behind her bid for the office.  That’s just how shattered and broken her name is.

Personally I doubt anything will come of the investigation.  After all, it didn’t the first time.   If something does come of this new development, it won’t be until after the election.  And again, unless it’s bloody axes and video tapes, it won’t be enough to get her anything other than a slap on the wrist, if that.

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