Some thoughts on Halloween

Some thoughts on Halloween October 31, 2016

Since I became a Christian all those years ago, I’ve run into a variety of opinions about Halloween.  From don’t do it to let’s indulge, there isn’t a single, universal opinion about the holiday.  Anyone familiar with me knows I love the holiday, the season, and this entire time of  year.  Here is an early post I did musing on the different forms of ‘Halloween’ that some might think about and how I approach them.

Here is a link to a site I visited on my way into the Catholic Church.  It gives some good background, and a few cool links (anything referencing Riley in a Halloween post can’t be that bad).  And while we’re at it, remember the main purpose of today is tomorrow, so the same site has some good reflections on All Saints’ Day as well as the equally meaningful All Souls’ Day that follows.

So congratulations Cubs, sorry Browns, and everyone have a safe and fun Halloween.  It’s a day off today, mostly to get ready for the festivities tonight.  Enjoy and I’ll be back with a few more insights in the days and weeks to come.

Twas the night of Halloween…


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