Those unthinking, backward Catholics

Those unthinking, backward Catholics October 14, 2016

For those who watch FOX News, you’re probably aware that in addition to the Trump implosion, Wikileaks has released a steady stream of emails from the Clinton camp.  I’m no fan of this whole Wikileaks thing, I’ll admit.  But if we waited for the media to do something like, you know, infiltrate the Democratic ticket to expose negative findings, we’ll be waiting a long time.  In fact, you get bonus points if you notice that all of these negative revelations about the Clinton camp have come from Wikileaks (and some say Russia), while the revelations against Trump have come from media outlets and journalists who suddenly accessed their archives.  No doubt a cosmic coincidence

Anyway, as I said, I don’t see these as ‘anti-Catholic.’  I see them as the typical disdain that many on the Left have for the things that many on the Left typically disdain.   In this case, traditional Christian beliefs and values.  It’s not scorning Catholics in general, as the liberal love affair with Pope Francis (who many perceive as being a stealth liberal), or such public Catholics as Biden or Colbert demonstrates.

The same contempt or disdain or dismissive attitudes can be aimed at anyone or group that runs afoul of the Left.  Just ask Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman, Michele Bachmann, and anyone else who gets in the way of the Left.  Conversely those who are icons of the Left, or who advance the cause of the Left, might get an occasional wrist slap, but not much more.

Hence the lack of traction accusers of Bill Clinton had in the 90s versus the almost lauded state that the accusers of Trump are enjoying today.  Or the fact that the Washington Post called the diatribe against non-liberal people of faith as ‘joking.’  Show me the words in the email that suggest it’s joking.  Ask if labeling it as mere joking would stop the firestorm if the same was said by conservatives about Blacks or Muslims.

Remember, as we watch old time liberalism morph into the modern Left, we’re starting to learn that all of those things liberals said were right or wrong years ago don’t amount to a hill of beans.  They might be right.  They might be wrong.  But increasingly it’s really all about where you stand when it comes to the great question of the Age: Are you a liberal yes or no.  If the answer is yes, then short of video taped murder, it’s unlikely you will do much that will hinder you, and you’ll be quite protected.  If the answer is no, then just ask non-liberal Catholics, Jews, Blacks, women, and anyone else where those lofty standards are.  It’s not a question of bigotry, hate and prejudice.  It’s a question of who those things are aimed at.  The Church is not the target.  Like anyone and anything, it’s those who fail to convert and conform to the progressive world view who are in the cross hairs.

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