Stop that

Stop that November 10, 2016

Daily Kos throws a fit.  Again, on Monday a growing consensus among talking heads and pundits, particularly those supporting Clinton, was that she was going to ‘run the table.’  With polls tightening, some wondered if Trump might be on to something.  Most, however, dismissed this and concluded that even if he pulled the popular vote, the Electoral College was hers.  As I said yesterday, that was the same narrative going into 2000.  The smart Gore knew what you needed to win, as opposed to bumbling good old boy Bush.  Sure, most Americans will probably support Bush (and Trump), being dummies who just like a good barbecue.  But the smart, sophisticated Democrats know it’s all about the numbers.

And at no point during the election eve discussions did I hear one person say that, as a result, it’s time to banish the Electoral College.  They seemed quite content with the idea.  Well, for the second time, the smart candidate who was supposed to win by the numbers lost, and the bumbling candidate who appealed to those hayseed Americans in droves, lost the popular vote.  Lesson?   First,  stop trying to buttress a narrative with predictions when they keep proving false.

Second, stop acting like a child who lost at Chutes and Ladders and now wants to throw the game board because he didn’t get his way.  Can there be a discussion about the set up of the Electoral College?  Sure.  Though throughout the election, most commentators noted that, on the presidential level, the electoral map seriously favored the Democrats.  Or so they said.  So do so at your own risk perhaps.

But again, show some dignity.  If Kos had run this on Monday to protest the idea that Clinton might only win by the Electoral college, it might have some credibility.  As it is, once more we have that demographic of children in America who didn’t get their way and want to change the rules so that from now on they always get what they want.

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