Today is All Souls’ Day

Today is All Souls’ Day November 2, 2016

Dad with Bubble Yum Gum pic tempIt ends that three day period that focuses our attention on things beyond this world: All Souls’, All Saints’ and All Hallows Eve.  This is the day we stop to remember.  It’s sort of a memorial day for believers, when we pray for the souls of those who have died.

So with that, I send out a prayer and thoughts for Dad.  I miss you Dad, and wish you were here again.  Because Alzheimer’s took you, I prefer to remember the days gone by when I could lean on you and you were always there.  Even when we lived a thousand miles away, if we needed help, you’d get in the car, take off work, and drive down through a snow storm to help.

I also remember the rest of my family who has gone before.  And, of course, all who I might not know, but God knows.

Requiem aeternam dona eis.

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