I promise to oppose Trump if he does evil

I promise to oppose Trump if he does evil December 8, 2016

I didn’t vote for Trump, but if he does evil, I’ll oppose him.  Heck, even if he stands for things I think are bad, but could be argued as not being evil, I’ll oppose him.  But first, unless it’s something horrific, I’ll wait for him to become president.  Whether he knows it or not, he’s not president yet, so I’m still watching the one who gets his mail at the White House.

Then again, I would have done the same if Hillary was president.  And that wouldn’t include suggesting that lefties are somehow blind to this or that evil, as if their innate goodness must mean they could never actually advocate evil for the sake of evil.

In my experience, the only ones as bad as righties are lefties.  And of course, the only ones as good as righties are lefties.  In fact, my own day to day around the wtaer cooler experience is that few people line up neatly along partisan lines.  My former supervisor was an Army medic.   Socially liberal as you could get, pro-gay marriage, abortion rights, LGBT everywhere; but absolutely pro-American, anti-terrorism, strong on immigration, wave the flag and stop the enemies conservative.

Which is, I find, how most people are.  In fact, I’m at pains to think of anyone I personally know who is straight up and down one way or the other.  Including me.  Not that there isn’t such a thing as liberalism or conservatism, if we can agree on the definitions.  But people as templates?  Not so much.

So I will try my best to oppose Trump if I think he is wrong, and certainly if I feel he is pushing evil.  Not evil defined by pundits and partisans, but by the teachings of the historic Faith.  Just as I would have Hillary.  No excuses.


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