Yes there are bigots in America

Yes there are bigots in America December 8, 2016

Out of 320 million people, what did you expect?  There will always be some people who judge and condemn others based solely on their gender, or religion, or skin color.  That happens.  So you don’t have to twist my arm to convince me there could be Americans who are bigoted toward Muslims or people from predominately Islamic religions.

With that said, I’d think the BBC would hold off on this until there was actually some evidence.  Evidence, that is, beyond ‘she said so.’  In fact, the only thing close to delving came with her response to a Facebook inquiry.  Basically, she’ll report the incident later.

Again, I’m sure in other parts of the country the streets run red with the blood of Muslims, and mosque after mosque is destroyed by bombings and other violent attacks.  In our neck of the woods, however, except for some graffiti and occasional threats following 9/11, it’s been pretty calm.  In fact, the only Islamic related violence seems to have come from the various Islamic based communities, either attacking people or being caught in elaborate plans for bombings and terrorist attacks.

Yet every year on 9/11’s anniversary, the local news interviews local Muslim leaders who insist they’re shaking in their boots.  The ongoing hate and violence is a matter of time.  Each day they are threatened.  Hate is everywhere.  Mosque burnings are on deck.  Backlash?  This time it’s inevitable.

But this story, where she says a cab driver – race or nationality unidentified – physically assaulted her and let fly with a barrage of hateful, evil language, needs some evidence before something like the BBC gets involved.   Certainly before we begin to use this to impugn some vague, undefined segment of America, or America itself.

After all, if a self proclaimed Muslim can declare allegiance to an Islamic terror group before killing dozens of Americans, and we conclude it’s conservative Christians who are to blame, certainly we can wait for more information on this incident before we conclude it’s conservative Christians who are to blame.

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