Wishing she had an abortion doesn’t bother me

Wishing she had an abortion doesn’t bother me December 21, 2016

As much as her thinking that wishing she would have had an abortion will score points bothers me.

Every group and movement has its extremes.  I don’t expect each person in any group to condemn always and at all times everything the extremes say and do.  There’s not enough time in the day.

Nonetheless, when things like this come out, it’s a good chance for the movements to call out the extremes.

Remember when a couple politicians declared they would banish Chick-fil-A over Dan Cathy’s statements about gay marriage?  Apparently they thought that the LGBT rights movement was yearning for such action.  Much to my relief, they were dead wrong.  With only a few exceptions, most on the left and in the LGBT movement came out against their proposals.

We don’t want a country where the government punishes people for wrong speak.  That was good.  The pols who imagined the left was ready for some good old Orwellian tolerance were mistaken.

Now it is time for those who advocate for abortion rights to be clear that the emerging ‘abortion rocks!’ movement is an extreme.  Make it clear it doesn’t represent what most who lobby for abortion want to hear.

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