Friends don’t let celebrities attend Women’s Marches

Friends don’t let celebrities attend Women’s Marches January 21, 2017

Madonna becomes a lightning rod for those who want to distract from the Women’s March.  And rightly so.  Once again we see that side of the left that is fine with everything and more that Trump stands for, as long as it’s aimed at the right people.  Thinking of blowing up the White House?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

What I would like to know is how many conservative women attended the march.  How many conservatives in general.  In other words, was it really a women’s march (since oodles of guys appeared to show up).  Or was it merely a typical liberal protest? Pro-abortion rights?  I don’t know about that, I’m curious.

But some advice.  Next time you organize a march, don’t let celebrities anywhere near.  They’ll suck the air out of the intelligence and end up living up to the worst stereotypes of what your detractors say you’re all about.

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