Good for them

Good for them January 25, 2017

The US House voted to ban federal funding for abortion.  Whatever your opinion on abortion, you pay for it.  If’ I’m not allowed to have say in your sex life, then you pay for its upkeep.  Same goes for contraception.  With freedom comes responsibility.  Not free to do whatever I want, and everyone else has to pay if things go south.

Sure, we need to be there to help.  As I say about skating on thin ice: If you insist on doing so and fall through the ice, we’re there to help.  But I don’t need to buy your skates for you.

Incidentally, by ‘US House’, it really means ‘House Republicans’.   And let’s be real.  Something like this will likely be DOA in the Senate.  The Senate, which defines ‘career politician’, kills more progress in any direction from any side of the aisle than any other part of our government.  So it’s likely symbolic as much as anything.  But I’ll take symbolism for life over the alternative any day of the week.

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