Apparently torture is no longer an intrinsic evil

Apparently torture is no longer an intrinsic evil January 6, 2017

Don Lemon explains.  Not worth debating.  Unless, of course, Mr. Lemon believes racism or torture in other cases might be the result of bad training at home.

In other news, the credibility of Hate Crimes was maintained by filing hate crime charges against the four individuals who kidnapped and tortured a white man because, well, he was white.

And the good news is that this is taking on a life of its own.  Partly a backlash against those who met the initial story with ‘Ah shucks, kids will be crazy kids’, and partly due to the realization that evil, hate, racism and violence are not color specific, people are actually calling this for what it is.  No, it’s not a national outcry, but it’s something.

That’s good.  We don’t need apologies.  We don’t need excuses.  Just let justice take its course, condemn the deplorable attack, and start looking past the convenient divides to deeper problems in our society.  Who knows?  We might start solving a few.

It’s not this or that group.  It’s the society, stupid.

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