A racist hate crime

A racist hate crime January 5, 2017

Deserves to be condemned.  Period.

Like yesterday’s post, I’m seeing people on Social Media jumping on this.  This proves … nothing.  It proves nothing about Blacks, about Liberals, about Democrats, about Hillary Supporters, about people worried about Donald Trump.  It proves nothing.  It proves that bad apples are in every demographic.

With that said, the same goes for any group, including Trump supporters, Republicans, Conservatives, Whites, Christians, or anyone.

No, the media isn’t giving this much coverage.  Yesterday, I had trouble finding a credible report. Found more this morning.  That’s why I didn’t post this last night.  I couldn’t find enough stories to corroborate the story.

Do I believe that if this was four whites kidnapping a black man, torturing him and screaming expletives at Hillary Clinton that it wouldn’t get more coverage?  Of course not.  It would have been 24/7 from the beginning. Even now, teams of journalists would descend on Chicago to find everything possible to keep this headline going, and link it to Trump and the Trump era, racism, and on and on.

Just because this is how the press operates doesn’t mean the rest of America needs to.  See it for the horror it was, and condemn the evil in that terrible video.  Then wait for justice.  Show the media how it’s done.

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