As Lent approaches

As Lent approaches February 22, 2017

And life accelerates, I’ve decided to turn off the political blogging for a season.  I came to Patheos in the middle of the strangest political campaign in my lifetime.

By the time I was up and running, Trump had ceased to be the press’s reality show host darling and had become its target.  The bias was undeniable.  Some even argued that Trump necessitated a post-objective media.

Because of that, and some of the resulting blind spots, especially from progressive believers, I felt the need to hammer on some obvious points: both sides have their extremes, there are problems with the Democratic ticket from a Faith perspective, the Left as much as anyone owns this mess, and a free press is essential for a free society, but a propaganda ministry (even self-appointed) is not.

As a result, I’ve veered from social observations that I focused on over the years.  Not that I never mentioned politics.  I often did.  But as often as not I would note social developments, culture, how religion fits in this changing world, and just your average, pointless reflections or meditations that mean nothing to anyone but me.  I miss that.

As some of my long term readers will attest, I was against Trump from the beginning and have had my fair share of posts criticizing Capitalism run amok and other foibles to the right of center. But given the whirlwind of crazy (from both sides, ahem), over the last weeks and months, I’ve gotten away from that.

So come Lent, I’ll be setting aside the politics.  Oh, if I see something impact the faithful that is problematic (or promising) that happens to play off of political topic, that’s OK.  But I’ll avoid Trump vs. Democrats and all things Politics as the end all.  Naturally anything that directly impacts the faith is fair game, even if it’s connected to politics.  I’ll just try to avoid slipping into the politics as beginning and end since, when all is said and done, the Faith should be above it all.

Also, since the goal of Lent isn’t to cram yourself full of what you’re expecting to give up (sorry, Mardi Gras isn’t an official holy day), I won’t be cramming the next week filled with all things political.

Besides, in addition to the Faith, culture, society and the general trials and tribulations of life, I have the completely miscellaneous and the fun to keep me busy. For instance, my boys dug this out of mothball to have a go:

Empires in Arms Gameboard

As an avid strategy game enthusiast, I couldn’t resist a stroll back through memory lane and a darn interesting and fun pastime where enjoyment and fealty to historical accuracy were the goals of the game.  Especially since it fits in with their current studies of the 18th and 19th Century.

So there you have it.   Daffey Thoughts for the foreseeable future.

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