The best presidents

The best presidents February 20, 2017

Over at The American Catholic, from posts long past.  Don’t know if the list still holds.  Personally, there are a few I would tweak but, overall, my take wouldn’t be too far from these.  Lists like this, especially in our fragmented age, are as subjective as ‘best pizza toppings.’

Still, there are a few things I look for in a list.  Attempts to put Nixon or GW Bush in the top ten will be deal breakers.  The same with Carter.  Putting Reagan, Kennedy or any of the Mount Rushmore gang near the bottom also raises red flags.

And attempts to put the most recent presidents too far in either direction without the chance to see long term consequences of their actions is also a warning sign.

Other than that, it’s fun.  Again, less accepted than decades ago, but still a conversation starter.

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