Are you busy Friday night?

Are you busy Friday night? February 9, 2017

If not, then you could do worse than looking to the sky!  Tomorrow night promises to be a full, rich time replete with Snow Moons, eclipses and comets.  Enough to make us amateur astronomers all giddy with anticipation.

We are fortunate to have an observatory down the street that is open to the public on Friday nights.  Tickets are advised.  I’ll check the cloud cover and who knows?

If the weather cooperates, it will be more than worth it.  Indeed, when I look at God’s heavens and the work of His fingers, the moon and the stars, which God has set in place, I can’t help but wonder what is man that He is mindful of us.

Speaking of reflecting on the splendor of God’s creation, does anyone else from Ohio have fond memories of this:

A staple of the Columbus, Ohio skyline when I was growing up.  Fritz the Night Owl’s Night Owl Theater was what every kid wanted to stay up for, especially the Friday night horror double feature.  Going strong when SNL was just a baby, it was weird and the epitome of 70s and 80s cool all at the same time.

The Fritz the Night Owl and the star gazing tomorrow night are in no way related, it’s just how my mind connects things sometimes.


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