On defending the indefensible

On defending the indefensible February 9, 2017

Jonah Goldberg is right.  Republicans, conservatives, and anyone on the Right can’t defend Trump 24/7.  It won’t work.  And it will end up blowing up in their faces.

Of course Trump isn’t going to be wrong 100%, with everything he eats for breakfast being cause for mass panic and claims that the sky will forever fall. In the face of the ugliness and stupidity coming from some of his critics, it could be easy to just circle the wagons and declare Trump always awesome.

But that doesn’t do it.  Wrong is wrong. Especially if the Right stands prepared to trash the extremes coming from liberals and Democrats.  If you excuse Trump in all ways, then jump on Democrats for doing or saying the same that Trump has done or said (or not as much), guess what?

Now, this isn’t to say that we can’t, you know, try to look at the details.  If Trump in some boorish or offensive manner says squares are not round, that doesn’t mean that in declaring the truthfulness of his statement we are endorsing the manner in which he says it. There does seem to be confusion there.

But when it comes to Trump’s twitter fetish, his ignorance of Civics 101, his despicable personal attacks, his bigotry, his foul mouth, the fact that, as a non-Conservative, he will likely parrot things that conservatives condemned liberals for saying – just don’t excuse, defend or dismiss him.

Conservatives who are willing to throw out principles, standards, consistency and values in order to defend Trump 24/7 have no business criticizing anyone else for doing the same.

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