A feather in his cap

A feather in his cap February 9, 2017

Good for him. Judge Gorsuch criticized President Trump’s smack down of federal judges.  I’m glad.  If someone could muzzle the President, that alone would be worth a vote.

Meanwhile, on the mafia side of the Joker, we have Elizabeth Warren throwing her hat in the 2020 ring by first flipping the bird at a fellow Senator, and then crying like a baby because she got punished for flipping the bird at a fellow Senator.

And in the ‘Did they hate Trump because he was a vulgar, loudmouthed bully, or did they hate him because he was a vulgar, loud mouthed bully on the wrong ticket?’ side, a Pennsylvania senator puts his toe in the expletive pool to see how it feels.  I wonder how many Catholics who bemoaned Trump’s vulgarities will cheer this fellow.

All of this would be an excellent chance for people of good will on both sides to step up and say, ENOUGH!

Find what is good, reject what is bad.  I had no use for Trump’s vulgarities, and if someone could stop his schoolyard bully responses to the institutions of our country, I’d be all for it.  But the same goes for the Left.  One of the reasons I didn’t vote for Trump was because of his finger in the eye, no rules-just win approach.  Democrats going the same way will not impress me, and I hope it doesn’t impress anyone else who criticized Trump’s tactics.

The American Catholic has a good piece about consistency in light of Trump’s FOX interview.  How many Conservatives have gone to the mat for Trump’s USA=Russia dig?  How many of the same went bonkers when Obama would remind the world of America’s sins, or frame any problems with Islam against the Crusades or Inquisition?

Same for those liberals who cheered on Obama’s ‘but America has as many sins’ rhetoric.  They have no choice  but disagreeing with Trump’s statement on some nuance of delivery, but not substance.

Kudos for those Conservatives, like Rubio, who called out Trump just the way he would have called out Obama.  If we could get everyone to keep saying right is right, wrong is wrong, and it matters not who does it, imagine how Washington might change.

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