Thanks Mr. Obvious

Thanks Mr. Obvious March 14, 2017

There is a reason I read Jonah Goldberg.  I don’t always agree, but I admit he usually has a common sense appraisal of the lunacy defining much of our modern era.   Case in point.

Regarding those few who embarked on the Smile Strike of 2017:

We could certainly raise young people to smile less. To be more aggressive in their wants and desires. To be rude or antagonistic to what remains of social norms. But that would a) be really stupid and b) would be no less oppressive or tyrannical, since we would still be imposing norms on children. We would just be imposing much dumber norms that would make society even uglier.

That we’re at a place in history where this needs to be said shows more about our modern era than I want to admit.  But thankfully, there are still glimmers of hope from our culture:

Smiling.  I’m all for it no matter who you are.  I’m all for a society that agrees.

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