The Ides of March

The Ides of March March 15, 2017

Donald McClarey, over at The American Catholic, has an interesting take on this infamous date.  My favorite observation:

I think it would have amused the Romans of Caesar’s generation if they could have learned that the assassination of Julius Caesar would eventually receive immortality through a play written more than 16 centuries after the event by a barbarian playwright in the Tin Islands that Caesar had briefly invaded.  It would have tickled their well developed concept of the ludicrous, judging from Roman comedy.

You just never know what the future will bring.  Makes me wonder who will be writing stories about our era and what they’ll say.

I can’t help but think of the concern people had about Caesar and compare it to the concern people have today.  In the end, the fact that so many are frightened by what a single man can do to our country shows just how much power we’ve vested into the position held by a single man.

A friendly word of caution.  Don’t wait until it’s ‘the other guy’ before getting concerned about power.  By then, it’s usually too late.

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