Follow-up to the Great Pence Dinnergate Scandal of 2017

Follow-up to the Great Pence Dinnergate Scandal of 2017 April 1, 2017

My wife reminded me of something from her POV regarding this silly controversy. When we entered the workforce, c. 1990, it was common to say ‘avoid any compromising positions with people of the opposite sex.’ It was mostly aimed at men. As a teacher at the time, not only did it apply to female students, but female coworkers as well.

My wife further pointed out that if there was a man in an important position, and the only way to get ahead in his particular industry was by one on one business dinners with him, in 1990 at least, feminists and others sympathetic to the female cause would be raising the roof. She said in her own professional courses, such things were specifically condemned, and women were encouraged to call out anyone who suggested that such ‘meetings’ were the only way to the top.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that in all of this, most have continued to affirm that it’s common sense for men and women not to share hotel rooms if on a business trip together.  Avoiding other forms of one on one encounters have also been brought up as examples of ‘common sense.’  So it seems most get that there is an actual reason for drawing some line in the sand, even if we disagree on where.  Which means, in the end, this is merely a case of one person having his view, and others having theirs.  The irony being, who is the self-righteous busybodies judging others this time?  This affirms one of my core beliefs that today’s liberals will invariably become tomorrow’s conservatives.

I realize that for most of us, we get this is just partisan sniping. This is like those conservatives who flipped out over Obama scratching his nose with his middle finger.  The difference, in this case, is that once again you have outlets that should know better jumping on the bandwagon. And while people are free to disagree on where to draw various lines, those rushing to ‘Sharia Law!’ or ‘Misogyny!’ or should be called out for the dumb they are.

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