I agree about punishing the extortion of citizens

I agree about punishing the extortion of citizens March 30, 2017

To vote without threat of retaliation or retribution is the American way.  If you’re a legislator, then you pay at the ballot box, not because the citizens in your district were indiscriminately punished and threatened.

I’m fine with protests.  If individuals want to boycott a billion dollar corporations, that’s fine too.  It’s usually not effective, but that’s up to them.  Following the important principle of ‘the helpless individual always trumps the evil power entity or corporate interest’, I’m going for the right of individuals to hurt corporations over the right of corporations to hurt individual voters.

But the growing trend of multi-million and billion dollar corporations joining together to more or less extort states into doing what they demand just reminds me of the old political machines.  Sure you could vote your own way – and face the consequences.  I’m fine with that still being wrong, whether done to extort for conservative or liberal agendas.

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