Making killing sexy again

Making killing sexy again April 24, 2017

Killing, like slavery, is ever in the bloodstream of fallen man.  In a flawed, sin inclined world, you can bet your bottom dollar that people will find ways to kill, and if that doesn’t work, enslave.   There’s also that other strange trend, noticed by the Founding Fathers and admitted to since the ancient biblical narratives, that people will, in lieu of killing and being enslaved, ultimately allow themselves to be killed or enslaved in turn.

It shouldn’t surprise us that the main push toward ending life in the modern age is no longer centered on warfare and conquest, as in the days of kingdoms and nations.  Today, rather, in the age of ultra-individualism and self-focus the killing is more driven by our own personal choices. Killing, not for king or country, but for my own concerns and priorities.  Killing on a one on one, intimate basis.

Euthanasia isn’t quite there yet in terms of doing it to others for my own sake.  Abortion is there sometimes, perhaps often.  But it’s still there, riding on the primacy of the individual.  All of those things once hoisted for the greater society now embraced by the the greater me.

And in yet another push forward for this ethos, we have the ironically titled “Lifetime” network supposedly making it sexy to boot. Kate O’Hare, over at Pax Culturati, takes a look.  We’ll see.

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