Being Christian in the age of Gianforte

Being Christian in the age of Gianforte May 31, 2017

Means not doing what Greg Gianforte did.  Nonetheless, again, to make this into some indictment on Trump or Trump supporters ignores the direction we’ve been going for a good half century.

Donald McClarey explains.  I will say that I reject Kurt Schlichter’s reasoning as much as I reject Mark’s.  As Christians, we don’t subscribe to the ‘They did it to us so. bada bing!, we did it to them’ mentality.  Hence my rejection of Trump’s Tony Soprano shtick.

Because the press has presented Gianforte as some ‘outgrowth of  Trump‘, however, it’s worth pointing out that you’d need to ignore the last few decades for that to make sense.  Nonetheless, ours is a ‘Turn the other cheek’, not ‘Give me the brass knuckles’, Faith.

Note: if the tweets are true, don’t try to dismiss them as ‘Dave, the reporter only tweeted that he’d like to punch a 19 year old kid.  He didn’t do it!’   I can assure you that such a statement would have been shocking in the hazy, crazy days of my youth.  But then Van Halen was considered shocking in the days of my youth.  That’s how things have developed and changed across the board.  That’s the point Schlichter is making.

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