Odds are you can’t spell these words

Odds are you can’t spell these words May 31, 2017

If you live in these states.  Heh.  Makes you wonder about why those words are so searched for in the first place.

Connecticut and West Virginia, explain yourselves.  Why are you searching enough for that word to register?  Either that, or your states are filled with spelling geniuses.  Can’t say much about Ohio. “Beuatiful” gets me every time, despite it being such an appropriate adjective for my wife.  But then it looks like I’m not the only one. Wisconsin made me laugh.  What are the eating in New Hampshire?  And is there something going on in Nebraska that I don’t know about?

Or course the kids in the spelling bee will be tackling words we’ve never heard of.  Words that make chihuahua look like a walk in the park.  Even for this little wizkid.

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