How not to campaign for office

How not to campaign for office May 25, 2017

Body slam a reporter.  Geez.  Self control man.

I know, there are plenty of jokes out there about living the American dream (body slamming a journalist).  But it’s not funny.

The good news is he’s actually being charged.  The bad news is he’s likely to get more votes than he should.  Some people, I’ll give, don’t hang on the news every day and might have missed this before they voted.  And I don’t know about early voting in these cases.  Perhaps 10% or 15% can be given for those outside the loop.  But I fear he’ll get more than he ever deserves.

Note: I realize he is only charged, and innocent until proven guilty.  But assuming it’s true, even if he wins through absentee or other means, charges should carry consequences.

UPDATE: Well, heh, it looks like he won anyway.  I’m looking at the numbers.  According to CNN, there were quite a few early ballots cast.  Out of the quarter million or so votes, I don’t know what percentages that accounts for, but it still isn’t everything.  Clearly, the ones who voted for him yesterday weren’t moved.  Yes, I know he’s innocent until proven guilty.  And that’s a fair defense – the only justifiable defense.  If found guilty he could still be removed from (or forced from ) office.   But only those invoking ‘innocent until’ have a leg to stand on.  Maybe if this had happened a month ago and the case was concluded, it might have had more of an impact.  Happening on the eve of the election perhaps wasn’t enough time.  I don’t know.  Again, if the voters who said yes did so because they say he’s innocent, but needs punished if found guilty, then that’s something.  Otherwise.  Way to live up to stereotypes Montana.


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