In other free speech news

In other free speech news June 22, 2017

Frank Bruni, of the NYT, has finally thrown in the towel.  To all the spoiled college students who think the Pol Pot approach to free speech is the way to go, Mr. Bruni says ‘Nyet!’

There has been some reluctance to jump in and put the kibosh on students who thought  riots, physical assault and property destruction were the appropriate way to silence any speech that didn’t conform to their values. Why,  I don’t know.

But I think the Evergreen College fiasco has finally pushed many over the edge.  Not only was it flagrantly racist, but it was intolerance aimed at decidedly liberal administrators that caught everyone off guard.  No matter how the administration tried to reach out, violence and threats were the answer.

So two victories for the forces of tolerance, inclusion and free speech.  Will the good news never end?

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