Welcoming Gay Catholics with Open Arms

Welcoming Gay Catholics with Open Arms June 15, 2017

An interesting piece over at the Times.  I heard about this.  I’m sure it will be quite the water cooler discussion around Catholic sites for some time.

On one hand, I see nothing wrong with it.  We are to welcome – everyone. Even Trump supporters!  As long as the goal is to guide us toward righteousness, to help us overcome sin, and to lead us to a closer walk with Christ, have at it.  Again, as long as that’s the goal.

The main problem I had is with this little quote from Jesuit Fr. James Martin:

“Pretty much everyone’s lifestyle is sinful,” Father Martin said. “Unless the Blessed Mother shows up in the communion line, there is no one sinless in our church.”

Well, er, yeah.  We’re all sinners, but we’re all called to confess our sins and so we do.  It’s not that I’m suddenly immaculately conceived and deserve communion more than everyone else.  But if I’m openly living in sin, if I’m flagrantly indulging in that which the Church teaches against (or, FWIW, not indulging in what the Church teaches we should do), then I ought not take communion.

His statement seemed too frivolous, too ‘eh, everyone’s a sinner, so sin and sin boldly!’  Not that he meant it that way.  But again, context.  This is 2017.  Know your audience.  Assuming you’re not trying to use a stealth maneuver to justify that which the Church teaches against, we might want to consider a statement that seems less dismissive of sin.  Or worse, suggesting that if everyone else is sinning, I have a blank check.

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