Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wasn’t bad

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wasn’t bad June 17, 2017

As comic book movies go, I must admit – guilty pleasure – I find the GotG franchise to be a pretty fun watch.  Nothing that was Academy Award winning.  Some of the humor was a less subtle and not kid friendly, which makes it tough for the little ones.  But fun nonetheless.

It was actually a Father’s Day present from my boys.  A date for my wife and me. Their rationale being that it was a good ‘Father’s Day movie’.I love the fact that they will watch movies like this and can converse with their peers about the latest, and still they love classic films as well.

I remember years ago, they actually sat and watched Gone With the Wind all the way through.  Not only that, but they liked it and were taken by how melancholy the ending was.  They asked for The Heiress for Christmas (which includes what they call one of the worst smack-downs in movie history), while one of their favorite movies is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  And yet, they’ll be all about the latest blockbuster movie.  All in all, a healthy combination.


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