To college or not to college

To college or not to college July 21, 2017

That is the question.  Here is a decidedly conservative take on the modern issue of colleges.  Not that being left leaning is itself a problem.  When I went to college in the 80s, our university was already well to the left of center.  And look how well I turned out!

But there are problems, such as walking back the holiness of open discourse (a biggie in my college days). Or the whole ‘safety zones meant to affirm my infallible opinions.’  These are not conducive to learning.  Quite the opposite.  The idea that my opinions are nothing less than God-truth, and therefore must not be questioned?  Where did that come from?  If I wanted that for my boys I’d send them to a cultist commune for free.

So, as I take a few days off in order to celebrate my youngest’s birthday, and as I will soon have three boys in one level of college or another, the question – is it worth it?  Are there better options?  And is it just me, or with all due respect to Charlie Daniels, didn’t the Devil sound better than Johnny? Curious to hear opinions.

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