Navigating the narrow road between two hates

Navigating the narrow road between two hates August 18, 2017

Mark Shea gets it.  As Christians, we take a different approach to ancient sins and new evils.

Compare that to this, a post by one of the Antifa protesters at Charlottesville.  Someone pretty darn proud of the violence.  Again, the media has all but condoned violence at this point.  It has refused to cover the details, and has dismissed any notion that violence was wrong when aimed at the white supremacists.

Of course, having been called a racist more than once through the years, I’m a little bothered by a group of anarchists who take it upon themselves to use whatever means possible to destroy white racism.  But once again, that which liberals once condemned is now becoming what the emergent left condones, if not celebrates.

The media and pundits said that Trump’s refusal to call a spade a spade meant he condoned the racism.  Perhaps.  But then, by virtue of that argument, the same media and pundits who have been everything from silent to supportive, have done the same for the Antifa violence.  Hate and violence are, apparently, acceptable.  Under certain conditions of course.

This, tied to the iconoclasm seeking to destroy more and more memorial’s to America’s history, suggests that the Left is ready to move.  And woe betide those who are not seen as friendly to the cause.  Those who are most vocal in their opposition to this new leftist blitzkrieg?  That would be the ones wearing swastikas on their arms.

For Christians, we are stuck between Scylla and Charybdis.  We have no friends on either side.  If we can keep the baby from being thrown out with the bathwater where the best of America’s heritage is concerned, that is good.  Our posterity will thank us.  But we can’t do it at the expense of our souls.  Those Christians who have already thrown their hat in the ring with any side as long as it’s not the other side, had best retrieve their hats.  It’s going to get ugly.  And we answer to a higher power.

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