Tear down Joan of Arc!

Tear down Joan of Arc! August 16, 2017

Or so said the graffiti in the French Quarter.  At least they just wrote it and didn’t take it upon themselves to do it.  Eh.  Trump was, in his broken clock impersonation, right.  Where does it stop?   Already, another school has begun a petition to change the name from its racist slave owner.  Washington?  Jefferson?  Lincoln?  Kennedy?  King?  Indeed, where does it stop?

This sort of thing isn’t new.  People have been destroying references to civilizations they renounce or hate for ages.  But it’s picking up steam and not showing any slowdown.  I’m sure the strange Joan of Arc incident was a radical, some prankster, someone just doing it, whatever.  Problem?   When I was a kiddo, you’d have thought someone wanting to remove James Madison’s name from a school or Robert E. Lee’s statue would be just as loony, some extremist, rabble-rouser, or someone similar.  Now look.

Anyone who has paid attention to the last 50 years of progressivism should know that the last thing you can count on is it stopping once it gets what it wants.

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